With so many obstructive sleep apnea and TMD appliances in the dental market, it may seem overwhelming knowing which one to choose for which patient. The Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD appliance course is a 2-day journey towards increasing your mastery of dental sleep medicine and TMD appliances.



  • The pros and cons of each major appliance, and which one is right for each patient.
  • Develop communication protocols with patients and dental labs for more successful outcomes.
  • Comprehensive exams and hands-on bite registration techniques.
  • Triaging between sleep apnea and TMD treatment.
  • Learn the latest medical billing policies, codes, and best practices for successful¬†reimbursement.


Dentist $1,495
Team Member $795
Dentist + 2 Team M. $2,495


Dr. Mayoor Patel


16 CEUs


- Introductions
- The Science Behind Oral Appliance Therapy
- Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD Appliance Mechanics
- Appliance selection for various clinical and physiological conditions.
- Pros and Cons of the major obstructive sleep apnea appliances on the market
- Understand how the dental lab operates to set up efficient communication protocols
- Comprehensive Head and Neck Exam. Triaging between sleep apnea and TMD treatment.
- Hands-on bites, impressions and models
- Chairside adjustment of appliances
- Short-term follow up, calibration and efficacy testing
- Writing Progress Reports
- Educating the patient on the appliance and reviewing the wear and care with the patient
- Managing Side effects
- What happens when the patient rejects the appliance
- Weaning the patient off a TMD appliance
- Long-term recall
- Medical Insurance Codes for Exams, Radiographs, Appliance Delivery, Repairs and Lab Fees