Tailored to the dental practice that has begun treating obstructive sleep apnea, this course will help take your dental sleep medicine practice to the next level, through sessions for:

  • Studying the latest dental sleep medicine research
  • Hands-on impression taking and clinical sessions
  • Reviewing complex sleep apnea cases
  • Overcoming common challenges
  • Teaching the medical model for the whole team
  • The link between OSA, TMD, & bruxism
  • Building referral networks with sleep labs and sleep physicians.
  • Marketing and networking with your community in order to spread awareness and build your patient base.

Many dentists have taken several dental sleep medicine courses but find themselves struggling to make sleep apnea treatment a profitable service in their dental practice.

Through our 20+ years of experience educating dentists on implementing sleep apnea treatment, we have identified the most common roadblocks and challenges practices have when integrating sleep apnea services.

During the Advancing your Dental Sleep Practice course, we discuss how to overcome each of these obstacles, and focus on the key areas of implementation, working with sleep physicians, billing medical insurance, and handling complex cases.



  • Gain the skills & knowledge needed to make Dental Sleep Medicine a core service in your dental practice.
  • Learn how to gain new sleep apnea patients through physician referral networks.
  • Establish an efficient team protocol for medical billing for sleep apnea in a dental practice.


Start Time

8:00 am

Friday, July 13, 2018

End Time

5:00 pm

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Atlanta, GA