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What Our Attendees Are Saying


Lindsey Deol, DDS

Lafayette, CO
I recently had the fortune of attending Dr. Patel’s “Airway, Bruxism and Craniofacial Pain” course. I will honestly say this was one of the best courses I have attended, as it filled in many missing pieces of information for me. The topics were presented in a very clear manner, backed by scientific research and coupled with practical tips and ideas. Dr. Patel’s enthusiasm for this material is contagious and I am looking forward to attending his next course!

Cindy Wolt, DDS

Johnstown, OH
Dr. Mayoor Patel is probably the easiest person to learn from, he has a wealth of information. He is extremely brilliant, and he just makes sense.

Azita Vakili, DMD

Solana Beach, CA

“It was an incredible course. I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in this field or treating patients already. Dr. Patel’s knowledge is incredible. The way he transfers information is also incredible.”


Delaine Farias, DDS

Portland, TX

“Dr. Mayoor Patel is very familiar with the different schools of thought, so even though we come from different training he is able to answer all of our questions and apply that information to us, which makes it so much better.”


Cody Stafford, RDH

Yakima, WA
“Dr. Berley's seminar was the best dental sleep medicine seminar I have ever been to. Honestly, it was the best educational seminar I have attended. The dentist I work for, Dr. Reep, and I are working to change our sleep protocol. I have shared with him quite a bit of the information from your lectures.

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